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Roncole Verdi

Guareschi archive

Processione street

In Processione street there are two important places for the admirers of Guareschi, quite near the house of Verdi there is the pub opened by Giovannino Guareschi in 1964, originally a restaurant.
Moreover, you can find the seat of the Club of Ventitrè (23), that houses the Permanent Exhibition Giovannino Guareschi.

Here you can find everything about the writer. Carlotta and Alberto Guareschi place at the disposal of the visitors and the persons interested, a huge quantity of paper and non-paper documents, as for example the photocopies of the articles, gathered and catalogued with passion and patience from all around the world, that mention their father and his writings.
There are also a lot of copies of Guareschi’s books, in different versions, editions and languages.
Of course we can say that this archive is the starting point for any kind of research about Giovannino Guareschi and his works.

The club of Ventitré (23)

It is a cultural association set up in April 1987, meant to be a point of reference for all the people interested in the figure of Giovannino Guareschi and his works.
Its name derives from the number (23) of supposed readers fond of Guareschi. But everybody knows that the readers fond of this writer are many more….

The Club of Ventitrè (23), as already said, keeps the Guareschi archive, constituted by approximately 200.000 documents.
This archive was declared “of great historical interest” by the Archival Superintendent of Emilia Romagna, from the Ministry for Arts, Culture and Environment.

The Club also edits a quarterly information magazine, Il Fogliaccio, that is then sent to the members in order to inform them about any iniziative intended to deepen and spread the knowledge of Giovannino Guareschi.
For further information concerning the many activities of the club or how to become member, visit the web site


or contact the club:

Club dei Ventitré
Via della Processione, 160
43010 Roncole Verdi (Parma)
Tel. +39.524.92495 - Fax +39.524.91642
Mail: pepponeb@tin.it






Permanent antological show: "All the world of Guareschi"
Processione street

Walls full of books at Guareschi Archives

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Guareschi bar