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22 luglio 1968: Cervia, the leave of the gentleman

Guareschi dies in Cervia for a heart attack. On the day of his funeral, the flag with the royal coat of arms accompanies him to the graveyard of Roncole.

Our friend Guareschi lies in the small graveyard of Roncole Verdi under the bare earth. The same earth where he came from and that he loved so much, the earth as a real and alive entity, the earth made of clods, of lawns, of ploughed fields, the earth that we, people from the plain, feel like kissing as it is so rich in fertile and beneficial humours. I can understand this choice of his: Guareschi came from earth and to earth he wanted to come back, instead of being closed into a cold cement slab. Because the earth makes death less heavy, and it is like he could still live and breath (Baldassarre Molossi).

I’m an old tree with a lot of broken branches, but my trunk is tightly deep-rooted into the earth, and I easily overcame a lot of storms. I have a big capital, that no inflation, no revolution could ever bring away from me: the clear memory of a youth intensely lived and never betrayed.






Sandbostel, maggio 1944: ritratto di Guareschi eseguito da Arturo Coppola


Firma di Guareschi: "Fine di una storia che non finisce mai"