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1966-1967: Cervia and Cademario, the "isolation"

July 1966: In Cervia, where he has been spendine the summer for years, Guareschi writes the text for the advertisement book La calda estate del Pestifero. The book will be published in 1967 with another title.

In Cademario, where the author stays together with Ennia for health reasons, Guareschi writes for Oggi almost all the instalments of Don Camillo e don Chichì (on Oggi the serial is titled Don Camillo e la ragazza yè yè). The book will be published posthumous and unfinished in 1969 with the title Don Camillo e i giovani d'oggi. In 1996 Rizzoli published the book again entirely and with the original title thought by Guareschi, Don Camillo e don Chichì.

1967: La calda estate di Gigino il Pestifero is published.
The title and the text have been modified by the illustrator without Guareschi’s knowing it. Rizzoli, in April 1994, printed again the book with the original text, without drawings and with the title chosen by Guareschi: La calda estate del Pestifero.

The tales that everyone today disdains and that nobody tells to the children any longer, were born when man, his mind sharpened, felt the need for the Supernatural. And here’s the reason why I’m telling my story. That’s why I take Gigino and the gang away from the monstrous city where the cement, the asphalt the factories’ smoke, the pestilential gases of the cars, the electricity, the invisible net of magnetic radiations and so on, moved man away from nature, obliging him to live an unnatural life.

Guareschi indulges in negative and bitter thoughts about the rising “consumer society", about its symbols (TV, advertising, cars) and about its power to turn individuals (above all young people) into an anonymous mass, easy to manipulate.

The press, the cinema, the TV, the radio, the theatre, the literature and the politics get involved in the young people’s problem only to gain their favour. And obviously young people are trapped at once when they are still helpless children. A tree can be bent as one likes, when it is still small and tender.

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Vignetta Guareschi e Ennia a "Cadegigi"

Cademario, 1966: Guareschi affacciato alla finestra della sua casa

Cademario, 1966: Guareschi è impegnato nella stesura di Don Camillo e i giovani d'oggi

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