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1962-1963: The journalistic cooperation, the heart attack and the Rabbia with Pier Paolo Pasolini

May 1962: after resigning from Candido, Guareschi begins cooperating with the newspaper La Notte, that he holds in high esteem (the newspaper is edited by his friend Nino Nutrizio who, in his letters, calls Guareschi "Cat"). The cooperation ends in July because Guareschi has a heart attack; he will start again in November 1963 and will go on, health permitting, until the 22nd May 1968.

I manage to send him [a Nino Nutrizio] only four cartoons in May 1962 because in July I have a heart attack and I cannot work until the end of the year. [...] In the same Novembre of 1963 La Notte publishes some thirty of my cartoon. And so begins a cooperation that, on a quite regular basis, will go on as long as I can keep the pencil in my hand.

January 1963: Guareschi is in Rome (and will stay there until the 26th March) to do a difficult work that he does not like much, a real cinematographic enterprise: to write the subject, the script and the dialogues and to direct the second part of Rabbia, a movie constituted by materials and photographical inserts from newspapers and magazines. The first part is of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Between the two authors there was no contact, nor a verbal one. Quoting Guareschi, Rabbia presents itself like a kind of "cine-match" (to the communist point of view of Pier Paolo Pasolini Guareschi answers in an anti-communist way). But the audience does not like the movie, and so it is withdrawn from circulation.

February: on proposal of the editor Mario Tedeschi, Guareschi begins working for the Borghese with columns, drawings and articles, being published weekly until the 30th May 1968.

From the 24th he cooperates with Giornale di Bergamo, edited by Alessandro Minardi, sending 19 drawings until the 5th of May.

He will start again with 4 drawings, the last ones, in December 1966.

December: Don Camillo in Moscow comes out.

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Vignetta da Nino (Guareschi) a Nino (Nutrizio)


Vignetta la Rabbia


Vignetta angioletto pronto a colpire