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1959-1961: Cademario, the death of the Candido

October 1959: during his stay in Cademario in Ticino (called "Cadegigi" in the literary fiction), for health reasons, Guareschi writes Don Camillo in Moscow, that is issued in instalments on Candido (it will be published in volume in 1963). Starting from 1956 Guareschi will spend every autumn and winter in Cademario.

1961: Guareschi writes the subject, the script and the dialogues for Don Camillo: Monsignor!.

22 October: after the umpteenth change against his script, the writer leaves Candido and Rizzoli closes the newspaper offices.

And so the Ometto* (i.e. small man) of the Candido, on the 22nd October 1961, takes his leave [...] You understand what I mean: it happened that the old Giovannino, who got over many troubles without damage, has slipped on the peel of something. And so he asks me to tell you that he is really sorry to leave you, after many years.

(* It refers to the man with moustache that is under the title Candido and that is meant to represent Guareschi)

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