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1955-1957: Roncole - the freedom

4 July 1955: Guareschi leaves the prison after 409 days. He serves the rest of the penalty on probation.

He begins again to edit the Candido writing and drawing.

26 January 1956: the probation period ends. He begins a misinformative press campaign: they try to convince people that the trial "has demonstrated De Gasperi’s innocence and Guareschi’s guilt" and that the latter has been sentenced "after showing the falsehood".

27 September 1957: Guareschi opens a small café in Roncole, next to Giuseppe Verdi’s native house. The project and the furnishing come from his passion for manual work and building.

10 November: he leaves the direction of Candido but still going on cooperating with articles and sketches.

In December 1957 I leave the direction of Candido and I simply work as a contributor. For technical reasons, I left my job of guard and began working as a stocker. This does not change anything, because I continue travelling on the same train, that goes from A to B.

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Roncole Verdi, luglio 1955: Guareschi finalmente "libero" nel soggiorno di casa

Vignetta medaglia al valor civile

Vignetta il "carcere delle Roncole"