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1953: Roncole, Giovannino the farmer

Guareschi writes the subject, the script and the dialogues for the movie The return of don Camillo. The movie, directed once again by Julien Duvivier, will not be faithful to the spirit of Guareschi’s tales.

Guareschi publishes Don Camillo e il suo gregge.

In Roncole the author devotes himself completely to the agricultural activity. He buys various farms in Busseto and San Secondo. He makes sure to increase the productivity of his own fields mechanizing his farm; he modernizes and enlarges the houses of the sharecroppers and of the tenants; he builds modern sheds and cottages.
But the new Italian agricultural policy does not protect properly the persons that, like Guareschi, invested money in the land. After few years, the author, afflicted by the heavy taxes, will be obliged to sell off all his fields.

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Roncole Verdi, estate 1954: Guareschi trattorista

Roncole Verdi, 1953: Guareschi nel salotto dell'Incompiuta accanto al proprio ritratto in bronzo realizzato da Luigi Froni

Milano, 1953: autografi per il "gregge" di fan di Don Camillo