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1952: The return home, the "unfinished"

August: Guareschi moves to Roncole (Parma) with his family, and there he builds his small shelter: the “Unfinished” (no doorbell, but only a bronze doorknocker used to inform the tenants about someone’s presence; a large kitchen used also as dining room and living room; a small room and a study for the author). Meanwhile, he goes on working for Candido (three days a week he lives in Milan).

"Giovannino" he continues "can we know how you would call this swirling brick machine?".
"Let’s call it the ‘Unfinished’” I answer.
"This is a temporary name, that can be used only until the house is finished".
"The ‘Unfinished’ is a name that can be comsidered definitive, because this house will never be finished!" replies Margherita peremptorily. "Until God leaves your father alive, it will always be so".

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Roncole Verdi, 1952: Guareschi alla finestra di un granaio vicino all'Incompiuta

Roncole Verdi, agosto 1952: Guareschi vicino al "tiro a segno Don Camillo"