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1951: Milano and Brescello, the cinematographic adventure of Mondo piccolo begins

Guareschi writes the subject, the script and the dialogues for the movie Don Camillo. The movie, produced by Peppino Amato and Angelo Rizzoli, is almost completely shooted in Brescello (and the remaining part in Cinecittà).

The director is Julien Duvivier; don Camillo and Peppone are played by Fernand Joseph Désiré Contadin (stage name Fernandel) and by the Bolognese actor Gino Cervi respectively.

10 April: during the trial Einaudi ("Nebiolo"), Guareschi is sentenced, together with Carletto Manzoni, to eight months’ probation, because he has libelled the President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi.

With Candido I get up people’s nose and I will go on unperturbed even after being sentenced to eight months’ probation because I haven’t treated with enough respect the President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi.

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Brescello, agosto 1951: Guareschi è Peppone

Brescello, agosto 1951: Guareschi interpreta Peppone

Vignetta Ometto del Candido (Processo Einaudi)