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1949 - 1950: the mother’s death and Einaudi process

In December 1949 Il diario clandestino is published; it contains the writings by Guareschi gathered during the imprisonment and the war.

On the 13th July 1950 his mother, the teacher Lina Maghenzani ,dies. Giovannino has her buried definitively in Marore, the village where she had taught for years.
After three months his mother will receive the "Diploma di benemerenza di prima classe" (first-class merit certificate), together with a golden medal.
After four years the Ministry of Education will recognize her right for pension.

I saw her again in Marore in 1943, before coming back to the regiment, with her rigid back, due to the bony consumption that had affected her backbone two years before and since then she has to wear a plaster bodice. It seems that she has to die at any moment, but she will fall ill during the holidays as per regulations, and in September her ghost will start teaching again.

After forty days his father Primo Augusto dies.

And he waited until she settled down in the churchyard of the far village, and some days after, he followed her.

In October 1950 Mosca is relieved from the editorial staff of Candido; Guareschi remains chief editor of the weekly magazine alone.

On the 4th December 1949 he is acquitted together with Manzoni in the Einaudi trial ("Nebiolo"), in which he was accused of public insult to the President of the Republic, Luigi Einaudi, because he had published a humorous cartoon, considered to be insulting towards the President Einaudi.

The Attorney General appeals and on the 10th April 1950 Guareschi is sentenced with Manzoni to eight months’ probation.

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Guareschi, Milan 1950


Guareschi legge il Candido. Milan 1950


Guareschi legge la versione di Don Camillo in giapponese,
Milano, metà anni '50