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1946 - 1949: the Candido, and the first tale of Mondo piccolo

In 1946, on the occasion of the constitutional Referendum, Mosca and Guareschi start a hard struggle in favour of the monarchy, in order to conquer the public opinion.

He writes tales and columns for Oggi and Gioia, magazines of the Rizzoli group, and for other newspapers as for example Giornale dell'Emilia, Riscatto, Le Alpi, Sanbartolomeo, Il Reduce.

In December 1946, the first tale of Mondo piccolo is published, on Candido n°3 with the title "Don Camillo".

The tale will then be titled "Peccato confessato" (confessed sin) in 1948, when it is published in the volume Mondo piccolo - Don Camillo.

The first tale of Mondo piccolo is the short one that I wrote for Oggi. And, if it had been published on that magazine, it would have had no continuation, like all the other short tales. On the contrary, as soon as I published it on Candido, I received lots of letters from my 24 readers, that I decided to write a second episode about the adventures of the two characters coming from the southern plain.

So I begin making my characters work, writing 350 tales about them, besides other unpublished stories, used only for the creation of the five movies.

In 1947 he goes on cooperating with various newspapers and in November he publishes Italia Provvisoria.

In 1948 he starts a hard struggle writing articles and humorous cartoons with a political background against the Popular Front, on the occasion of the political election that will be won by Christian Democracy.

In March of the same year the volume Mondo piccolo - Don Camillo is published, and it immediately obtains a great success, and in December he publishes Zibaldino.

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Vignetta angiolettto - diavoletto


Milan, winter 1948