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1936-1943: In Milano, the Bertoldo, the first arrest

In August 1936 Angelo Rizzoli proposes him to work as a subeditor for the Bertoldo, and here begins the long cooperation between Guareschi and the publishing house Rizzoli, that will last for all the carrier of the writer.

Then he moves to Milan with Ennia and begins working as a subeditor for the Bertoldo, becoming then chief subeditor in 1937. He will remain chief subeditor of this weekly magazine until its final closure in 1943.

It is such a good day, I catch the train and move to Milan, slipping in the editorial staff of the Bertoldo, the weekly magazine that is named after the most famous peasant of the Italian literature.

In these years he does not give up the various contributions with important newspapers: La Stampa, Ambrosiano, Milano in Fiore, Stampa Sera, Marc'Aurelio.

In 1938 he begins working for E.I.A.R.(Ente Italiano Audizioni Radiofoniche, Italian Body for Radio Auditions), writing texts, sketches, dialogues, ads and serial columns until 1942, when he is first arrested.

In 1940 he begins writing articles, tales and reports for Corriere della Sera, for which he will work unitl 1942.

In 1940 he marries Ennia Pallini and enters the Order of Journalists.

In November 1941 his first book is published: La scoperta di Milano.
In July 1942 the second one: Il destino si chiama Clotilde.

In October 1942 he is first arrested, because he has defamed Mussolini and his regime. Everything happens after getting really drunk: Giovannino is in the street during a night and tells publicly everything he thinks.

Because of this, he is imprisoned for one night and, after two months, he is called to arms again. He is destined to 11į Artiglieri 1060 Battaglione of Alessandria.
Afetr this fact, his important cooperations with Corriere della Sera and La Stampa come to an end.

In 1942 Iím arrested by Fascists because in the district Gustavo Modena, Ciro Menotti, Castelmorrone Iíve told what I was thinking in that moment about all the matter. It is quite a disgraceful episode, in fact on the 14 October 1942, at night, after getting drunk by some friends of mine, I took two hours to reach my home in Ciro Menotti street, that is not more than 800 metres far. And during those two hours (from one to three a.m.) I shouted things that, the day after, were diligently written on a 4-page register, that an important person from a UPI (Ufficio Politico di Investigazione, Political Investigation Office) showed me in his office in Pagano street.

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Left, Guareschi with his colleagues at Bertoldo journal

Guareschi at 34 years, 1942
Vignette of Guareschi prisoner

Vignette of a guard that listens