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1928 - 1936: In Parma, the journalism and the meeting with "Margherita"

In July 1928 Giovannino Guareschi he gets his school leaving certificate. He begins correcting the proofs for the newspaper Corriere emiliano, that has also absorbed the Gazzetta di Parma.

In 1929 he matriculates in the faculty of Law at the University of Parma, where he remains enrolled until 1931 in order to postpone the military service. In the same year he is engaged by Corriere Emiliano.

From 1929 to 1931 he does many other works, as for example the season porter in a sugar refinery, the creator of xylographies, the linoleum engraver, the tutor at "Maria Luigia".
He also writes articles and draws pictures for different newspapers of that area, signing at first with the name "Michelaccio", and then "Petronio".

In 1931 he is engaged as assistant reporter by Corriere Emiliano, becoming then chief reporter. In 1935 he will be dismissed because of excess of employees.

Then he moves from Marore to Parma, renting an old attic. Durino the years 1931 and 1932 he writes for various newspapers, such as Sua Maestà il Carnevale, Selvaggio, Bazar, Numerunico, La Cometa.

In 1933 he meets Ennia Pallini, who then will become his wife and stay with him for all his life.

Ennia works as a shop assistant in a shoe shop of the town. She has beautiful red hair, fiery glance, and she is very strong-willed. Ennia will be 'Margherita', my companion, in good and bad times, in my books and in my life.

In 1934 he leaves for Potenza for the military service, during which he works for the only publication of Macpizero with L'epistolario amoroso del soldato Pippo.

From 1934 to 1936 he writes and draws for many newspapers, as for example Secolo Illustrato, Domenica del Corriere and Cinema Illustrazione.

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Giovannino and Ennia. Parma, 1935


Guareschi family


Guareschi and Ennia at St Francesco of Asis