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Don Camillo

Il ritorno di Don Camillo

Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone

Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo

Il compagno Don Camillo



Don Camillo in Moscow

Year 1965
Colour Black and white
Duration 95'
Italian title Il compagno don Camillo
French title Don Camillo en Russie
German title Genosse Don Camillo
Directed by Luigi Comencini
Film-script Leonardo Benvenuti
Sounds Mario Faraoni
Manager Angelo Lawno
Cameramen Claudio Cirillo and Giuseppe Ruzzolini

Leading actors:
Fernandel: Don Camillo
Gino Cervi: Peppone

Supporting actors:
Graziella Granata
Gianni Garko
Silla Bettini
Aldo Vasco
Alessandro Gottlieb
Paul Müller
Jacques Herlin
Mirko Valentin
Ettore Geri
Saro Urzì
Leda Gloria
Marco Tulli

Plot: the population of Brescello is in a state of turmoil: the council of Peppone is collecting signatures in order to make a twinning with a Russian town. Despite a hunger strike of don Camillo, to protest against this initiative, some people leave from the town. Of course the priest cannot be absent, and so, cast-off the soutane, he takes the plane pretending to be a motivated companion.

In Russia, the two usual friends live a lot of adventures and mishaps, and don Camillo, always with his Christ Crucified kept well hidden, manages to demythologise a lot of the expectations concerning the “paradise of proletarians”, dreamt of by the companions before leaving.
When they come back home don Camillo is invited by the bishop to leave for the United States; will Peppone be able to take his revenge?



Film poster
Il compagno don Camillo

Film poster
Il compagno don Camillo


Film poster
Genosse Don Camillo