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Don Camillo

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Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo

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Don Camillo: Monsignor!

Year 1961
Colour Black and white
Duration 115'
Italian title Don Camillo Monsignore…ma non troppo!
French title Don Camillo... Monseigneur!
German title Hochwürden Don Camillo
Directed by Carmine Gallone
Film-script René Barjavel
Original music Alessandro Cicognini

Leading actors:
Fernandel  don Camillo
Gino Cervi  Peppone

Supporting actors:
Leda Gloria  Peppone’s wife
Gina Rovere  Gisella Marasca
Valeria Ciangottini  Rosetta Grotti
Saro Urzì  the mayor Brusco
Marco Tulli  the Thin
Andrea Checchi  communist exponent from Rome
Carlo Taranto  Marasca, Gisella’s husband
Armando Bandini  don Carlino
Giuseppe Porelli  dr. Galluzzi
Karl Zoff  Walter Bottazzi
Andrea Scotti  the young athletes’ leader
Emma Gramatica  Desolina
Renzo Ricci  Christ’s voice


Plot: don Camillo has become monsignor, Peppone senator, and both of them has moved to Rome. They miss their town and they come back, in order to go on quarrelling.
The priest and the mayor reach an agreement on the matter of the Madonnina of the Borghetto (the “small chapel of contention”); don Camillo marries Peppone’s son in the church; Peppone (for the occasion Pepito Sbazzeguti) wins at Totocalcio and has a bell raised in front of the town hall, in order to make it ring for the funeral of a young communist activist, died during an expedition in Reggio Emilia (the “easing of tension” atmosphere that was created worldwide and locally is by now definitively compromised).
Between a cards game and a math into the river, the moment has come for our heroes to go back to the capital town: don Camillo and Peppone leave together hoping to meet soon.




Film poster
Don Camillo Monsignore...ma non troppo

Film poster
Hochwürden Don Camillo

Scene of the film
Scene of the film