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Don Camillo

Il ritorno di Don Camillo

Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone

Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo

Il compagno Don Camillo



Don Camillo's Last Round

Year 1955
Colour Black and white
Duration 97'
Italian title Don Camillo e l’Onorevole Peppone
French title La grande bagarre de Don Camillo
German title Die große Schlacht des Don Camillo
Directed by Carmine Gallone
Film-script Rene Barjavel
Original music Alessandro Cicognini

Leading actors:
Fernandel: Don Camillo
Gino Cervi: Peppone

Supporting actors:
Claude Sylvain
Gaston Rey
Leda Gloria
Umberto Spadaro
Manuel Gary
Memmo Carotenuto
Guido Celano
Marco Tulli
Giovanni Onorato
Carlo Duse
Luigi Tosi
Gustavo De Nardo
Stefano Alberici
Saro Urzì

Plot: The elections get near and there is thus a tireless political propaganda; Peppone even candidates to become deputy. To this purpose, he is obliged to take the exam in order to obtain the elementary school-leaving certificate. With the help of don Camillo and some suggestions of his, not entirely disinterested, Peppone will manage to…
Peppone then loses his head for a mate arrived from the city, risking the abandon from his wife.
During the election campaign everything becomes licit, even the finding of an American tank by don Camillo and the mayor during a night walk.
After a robbery in the hen house of don Camillo, a meeting in the square then turned into a melancholic revisiting of the Risorgimento values, a huge panel showing a “counterfeit” portrait, the story comes to an end. Peppone is elected, leaves for Rome reluctantly, leaving his town, his family, his little son who says goodbye to him from the balcony, and his usual friend-enemy: don Camillo.
And it is don Camillo that makes him change his mind and that accompanies him home with a funny and not-to-miss bicycle ride.




Film poster
Don Camillo e l'Onorevole Peppone


Film poster
Don Camillo e l'On. Peppone