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Don Camillo

Il ritorno di Don Camillo

Don Camillo e l'onorevole Peppone

Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo

Il compagno Don Camillo



The Return of Don Camillo

Year 1952
Colour Black and white
Duration 100'
Italian title Il ritorno di Don Camillo
French title Le Retour de Don Camillo
German title Don Camillos Rückkehr
Directed by Julien Duvivier
Produced by Rizzoli Film - Francinex
Film-script Julien Duvivier and René Barjavel
Sounds Bruno Brunacci
Edited by Marthe Pacin and Orazio Sacco

Leading actors:
Fernandel  don Camillo
Gino Cervi  Peppone

Supporting actors:
Leda Gloria  Peppone’s wife
Paolo Stoppa  Marchetti
Thomy Bourdelle  Cagnola
Edouard Delmont  Spiletti
Alexandre Rignault  the Black
Charles Vissiere  the bishop
Claudy Chapeland  Beppo
Saro Urzì  the barber
Miranda Campa  Mrs. Spiletti
Marco Tulli  the Thin
Lia di Leo  the teacher
Tony Jacquot  don Pietro
Enzo Stajola  Mario Cagnola
Ruggero Ruggeri  Christ’s voice
Emilio Cigoli  narrating voice


Plot: don Camillo is undertaking his spiritual mission in Montenara, but Peppone himself (and the whole town) misses him very much. After the continuous pressions of his ex-parishioners, don Camillo cames back to the fold…and the strokes go on. A boxing match, and the “competition” between the clock of the Council House and the one of the bell tower animate the life of the town.
Peppone asks don Camillo to go and visit his son at the boarding school and to give him a good telling-off because he does not study enough. Between a false letter written by the Federation (actually the author is don Camillo) to Peppone, and a toast with castor oil, everything seems to proceed normally in the town.
But then it happens that Peppone’s son risks his life and the inundation arrives and upsets the peace of the inhabitants, obliging them to move to the main embankment of the river; only don Camillo remains at his place, in the bell tower, in order to encourage his parishioners.




Film poster
Il ritorno di don Camillo

Film poster
Le Retour de Don Camillo


Scene of the film

Scene of the film