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The museum

The “Museum Peppone and don Camillo”, set into the San Benedetto Cultural Centre (seat of the House of Folk during the shootings) and property of the town hall, is situated near Matteotti square.
It was opened on the 16 April 1989 thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of a small group of people from Brescello (Mr. Bertoli Erminio –guidance). Now the museum is run by the municipal tourist board of the town.
Every year, thousands of tourists coming from every part of Italy and the world (in particular, Germany, France and Switzerland) visit it.

In its rooms there are a lot of relics of the cinematographic Don Camillo: Peppone’s motorbike, don Camillo’s cassock, the bikes used by them at the end of Don Camillo's Last Round (after the mayor has given up his roman parliamentary adventure).
Inside, there are a lot of photos taken during the production of the movies; the original playbills; the reconstructions of don Camillo’s rectory and Peppone’s kitchen. Moreover, you can buy souvenirs, famous books by Giovannino Guareschi, copies of videocassettes of the various movies (always shown on rotation) and typical local products, for example the sparkling wine “Lambrusco don Camillo”, the so-called Spongata (sweet made with almonds and albumen) and Zuffa (with almonds, pine-kernels and sultanas) of the local “Award-winning and Renowned Factory Spongata – Luigi Benelli”.
The staff of the museum is constituted by volunteers who, with great enthusiasm and qualification, look forward to bringing the visitor into “the town of don Camillo” and into the work of Guareschi.


Visiting hours:
Open all the year round. Info: Brescello tourism office :: Tel. 0522 482564 :: Fax 0522 684422

Admission: One can visit the museums of Brescello (Museum of Peppone and Don Camillo, Museum Brescello and Guareschi and the Archaelogical Museum) with only a ticket at 4 €. One can buy it at the Tourist Office: Via Cavallotti, 24.

Travel agencies, tour operators, schools, companies, associations can contact:

The Museum tel. 0522/962158


The town hall of Brescello

in order to book guided tours in Italian, English, French and German, or to have information about the hotels and restaurants in this area.


Museum "Peppone and don Camillo"
Via De Amicis, n° 2
42041 BRESCELLO (RE) - Italy
Tel. +39 - 522 - 962158/482511
Fax. +39 - 522 – 684422




Museum entry


Inside museum


Peppone's motorbike


Don Camillo's sacristy piece of furniture